PAYROLL - Full Service
If you want to call in or email your employees’ hours and receive paychecks, direct deposit notifications and payroll reports in return, our full service payroll option is for you.
Accurate paychecks, tax deposits, quarterly reports, employer reports, and W-2 forms will all be delivered on time. Increase employee satisfaction and decrease penalties from payroll taxing authorities. Full Service payroll may also electronically interface with your QuickBooks program, eliminating data entry time and potential human error. Our full service payroll service is guaranteed to beat the prices of the two large, well known, east coast based payroll services by at least 10% while supporting your local economy!

PAYROLL – Assisted
Content with your current method of preparing employee paychecks but need help accurately and efficiently getting the payroll information into your books and financial statements? With QuickBooks Online Payroll, you can enter employee time sheets, allowing our financial pros to access the file and complete the processing, review and notify you when paychecks and reports are ready to. Online payroll allows both of us to access your payroll data and share processing responsibilities in whatever manner best suits your needs.

PAYROLL - Quarterly Tax Services
Comfortable preparing employee paychecks but don’t want to calculate and file the quarterly and year-end tax reports? Supply quarterly payroll figures electronically or in hard copy and we will do the rest. Complete all IRS and state payroll tax reports, file electronically or deliver signature ready reports prior to due dates. Generate year-end W-2 forms and W-3 transmittal, mail to employees and taxing authorities or stuff and deliver to your office, for distribution.