Focus your time and energy on growing your business, knowing bills will be paid on time, credit customers will receive prompt invoices, statements, and courteous/professional past due reminders. Your most valuable asset, your employees, will receive accurate paychecks on time, every time. Penalties for late payroll tax deposits to IRS or state tax authorities will be a thing of the past, guaranteed.

Most importantly, you will always know how much cash you have in the bank, how much you owe in bills, and if your sales are high enough and expenses low enough to be profitable. You will never again spend hours of your time crunching numbers, A Way With Numbers has everything handled. Monthly financial statements and write-ups will be easy to understand, with graphs and charts, upon request, to illustrate your financial position.

BOOKKEEPING - Periodic Reconciliation & Review
Enjoy the checks and balances of a full-time bookkeeper, without the full-time salary. A Way With Numbers handles:
·        Monthly bank reconciliations by a noncash handling professional
·        Confirmation that  all financial transactions have been posted
·        Protection against theft and undetected errors.
·         A professional review and adjusted entries as needed
·         Periodic information you need to track profitability, see sales and expense trends and make informed business decisions.
These same services on a quarterly basis may meet the needs of low volume and home-based businesses.

BOOKKEEPING - Annual Pre-tax Review
Avoid the last minute rush by letting us get your figures ready for income tax preparation. When you work with our finance professionals, you can be sure that:
·        Your bank accounts are in balance with your books
·        Income and expenses have been categorized correctly
·        Your cost of sales and inventory has been reconciled.
Providing your CPA or Tax Consultant with accurate, complete information saves money, time, and headaches. Don’t pay high accountant rates to review and clean up your books.

BOOKKEEPING - Project/Clean up
Use the shoebox method throughout the year, we can record all individual transactions or make summary entries on a monthly basis, providing you with accurate, up-to-date financial statements. A Way With Numbers makes sure you are always ready for your income tax professional.

Need help creating a budget? We can provide a starting point based on historical data, then fine tune it based on your business experience and knowledge.

Is your book inventory out of balance with your actual physical inventory? We can make the correct adjustments to bring it into balance and accurately calculate your cost of goods.

Converting to a new bookkeeping system? Having trouble reconciling customer or vendor accounts?  Need help getting caught up or covering when your bookkeeper is on vacation? We are highly trained with over twenty-five years bookkeeping experience, and can hit the ground running, even on short-notice projects.